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Strathmore University Graduation App

Ever gone to an event and had someone hand you a booklet or a pamphlet that’s supposed to let you know the order of events for the day? Well now that’s a thing of the past.


The Strathmore University Graduation app. An ergonomic, aesthetically appealing and digital replacement for the graduation ceremony booklet. 

Everything you need to know all put together in a simple to use app designed to not only make your day easier but to conserve the environment as well.

This app contains:

– The schedule of the day to let you know about the tasks planned for the day.

– Names of graduands organized according to faculties/schools with a search to help you find your graduand of interest easily

– A video feed to help you get to know more about the Strathmore University community.

– A social feed to help keep you updated with what’s happening.

Just to name a few.

Welcome to the new age.

Available for download on




Kinga – Swahili for hinder, obstruct or protect.

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to prevent the enemies from reaching the delicious cookie.
Speed will be essential but there is a twist. The faster you are, the faster the enemies will spawn.

Do enjoy the game and share it with a friend.

The game is available for download on: