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Strathmore University Graduation App

Ever gone to an event and had someone hand you a booklet or a pamphlet that’s supposed to let you know the order of events for the day? Well now that’s a thing of the past.


The Strathmore University Graduation app. An ergonomic, aesthetically appealing and digital replacement for the graduation ceremony booklet. 

Everything you need to know all put together in a simple to use app designed to not only make your day easier but to conserve the environment as well.

This app contains:

– The schedule of the day to let you know about the tasks planned for the day.

– Names of graduands organized according to faculties/schools with a search to help you find your graduand of interest easily

– A video feed to help you get to know more about the Strathmore University community.

– A social feed to help keep you updated with what’s happening.

Just to name a few.

Welcome to the new age.

Available for download on