KNOEyes is an Information Technology company specialising in software development, IoT and graphic design. Our mission is to deliver Crisp (CRSP – Clean, Robust, Simple, Precise) solutions to our clients and greatly boost their productivity, brands and ingenuity. We frown on mediocrity and never compromise on quality. Our egalitarian approach to all our clients, tasks and products allows us to deliver unwavering value that is worth writing home about.

“No task leaves our hands without conforming to our personal standards of perfection.”

— Kevin Omyonga, Founder

The Road So Far

October, 2019

There Was An Idea

The desire to start the company was an occasional brain teaser that would surface every once in a while.

Locked Down But Freed Up

The lockdown brought on by the Corona outbreak allowed for the idea to fester and grow. It was at this time that KINGA was developed. A simple game that had far reaching repercussions. And it was all inspired by a fly.

April, 2020
December, 2020

Coequal Sequel

Dhoruba was developed as an unofficial project sequel to KINGA. Using the concepts and lessons learned from it, something better was born. This project drew attention to the name KNOEyes.

The Story That Paved The Steps To Glory

A writer from Games Industry Africa reached out and wrote an article on Dhoruba. This helped gain more publicity.

20 January, 2021
15 February, 2021

Business Coach Interview Aired

Our founder was interviewed on KTN’s The Business Coach show and managed to gain the company a significant amount of publicity.

Make It Official

We got our affairs in order and made the company an official legal entity. KNOEyes Lives!

March 2021
1 April, 2021

Time To Spread The Word

Launched the company website. Now the hunt begins.